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F15 Ball Valve

Flow-Tek’s F15/F30 Flanged Series ball valves feature a floating ball design for low torque and increased cycle life. As standard, larger sized valves feature trunnion-type ball support. These rugged ball valves are ideal for industrial applications.

A thrust washer and thrust washer protector combine to provide the primary seal, reduce torque, and prevent galling. Adjustable stem packing creates a secondary seal between the stem and body. The stem packing is composed of multiple RPTFE V-rings as standard; graphite stem packing is standard on all fire safe valves.

½” – 2” valves feature Flow-Tek’s Smart Stem. This stem is self-adjusting due to its Belleville washers allowing it to compensate for environmental changes and wear. 2 ½” – 12” valves utilize an independent packing gland which can be easily adjusted without removing mounting hardware or operator. The packing gland is contoured to uniformly distribute the load across the packing.

Flow-Tek’s interchangeable family of valves feature strong, large diameter stems with live-loaded, self-adjusting seals. Belleville washers are utilized to automatically compensate for changes in temperature and wear. Manual adjustments which can cause damage to the seal and seat are not required. The assembly is secured by a saddle-type lock washer which prevents stem nuts from unthreading in high cycle automation applications.

As standard, larger sized valves feature a trunnion-type ball support. This support helps to maintain continuous contact between the ball and seats, preventing seat deformation and blow-by due to the weight of the ball. The results are less seat wear, lower torque, and longer service life.

Fire Safe – Certified to API 607 4th Edition
Flanged Series valves with graphite stem seals have been thoroughly fire tested and meet these standards.In the event of a fire, after heat destroys the primary resilient seat, the ball makes contact with the secondary metal seat, forming a secure seal. The body seal, composed of stainless steel and graphite wound into a spiral, prevents external leakage. Graphite stem rings prevent stem leakage.

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