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Drop Hoses

Drop hoses provide flexibility so fuelers can easily connect nozzles to locomotive tank adapters.

Snyder’s standard 200 PSI drop hoses provide improved ergonomics with excellent degradation resistance. Crimped ends provide a 4:1 safety ratio.

Standard drop hoses come with flanged upper connections. Older cranes with drop pipes may require shorter hoses with Kamlock connections on both ends.

All drop hoses are tested under a full load and tagged and serialized to ensure traceability.

Drop hose length is measured from the ends of the overall drop hose assembly (Kamlock to Kamlock, or Kamlock to flange).

Drop hoses come in two standard lengths for each style of fuel crane and configuration.

How to Specify Drop Hoses

Specify new (FCNDH).  The remaining numbers follow a X-Y-ZZZ format.

 X: Crane Type

1 = HP1

2 = HP2

3 = HP3


Y: End Connections

1: Kamlock to Kamlock, use only with drop pipes

2: Kamlock to Flange, full length hose


Z: Length of Hose Assembly in Inches

Use the longer hose if attached nozzles have 30-degree swivel inlets.


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