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Bottom Loading Adaptor

The Cla-Val Model 340AF Pressure Fuel Servicing Adapter is a connection adapter for the delivery of pressurized fuel to military refueling tank trucks, and fueling support vehicles only. Not to be used on aircraft. The design and construction of the Cla-Val 340AF Adapter conform to MIL-A-25896 and MS24484-5.

To ensure maximum strength and durability, the Cla-Val 340AF Adapter is constructed of high-strength stainless steel and aluminium. The adapter body, poppet assembly, and spider are precision investment cast for a long service life under high usage conditions. A Fluorosilicone seal bonded to the poppet provides drip-tight sealing throughout the adapter’s specified temperature range

Features & Benefits
  • Conforms to MS24484-5.
  • Durable High-Strength Stainless Steel Body.
  • Body, Poppet and Spider are Precision Cast.
  • Long Wearing Fluorosilicone Seal.

Military Specification
Design and Construction as per MIL-A25896, Rev. “E” and Military Standard MS24484-5.

Nominal Size

Refined petroleum products.

Temperature Range
Fuels: -55C to +93C.
Ambient: -55C to +177C

2.5″ single point bayonet.

Adapter Body: Investment cast stainless steel 17-4PH per AMS 5355, passivated .
Poppet Assembly: Investment cast aluminium A356T6 with Fluorosilicone elastomer.
Spider: Investment cast aluminium A356T6.
Spring: Stainless steel 17-7PH per AMS 5763
Screws: Corrosion resistant steel per AMS 5737.

Standard packaging conforms to MIL STD. 1188 (Packaging to other standards at additional cost)

340AF: Cla-Val series Pressure fuel servicing adaptors.

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