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4 litre Closed Circuit Sampler

Aljac closed circuit samplers have been designed to permit visual examination and full quality control checking of fuel samples within a closed system.

The basic sampler comprises a glass tube, with hinged, vented cover, a cone-down epoxy coated aluminium base and drain valve with easily operated handle. Fuel enters through a tangential port to promote vortexing all which concentrates any impurities.

These sampling jars are offered in 4Litre or 20 Litre solutions.

Features & Benefits
  • Full visual examination.
  • Elimination of spillage.
  • Drain to dump/slop tan.
  • Accessible for internal cleaning.
  • Suits density measurement.
  • Suspended water checking.
  • Temperature measurement.

Inlet connections

Outlet connections

A fuel sample is taken by opening the inlet valve and filling the sampler. Visual examination can be completed and the various checks carried out depending on the accessories fitted. When the checks are complete, the drain valve is opened and the sample released either to a slops tank or back to storage.

Ordering Information

ALJAC4: 4 Litre Aljac sampler assembly.

5000-08-60-01: Bracket mounting ALJAC4 assembly.

6007263001: Basic 20 Litre Aljac Sampler.

6007233214: External Shell Water Detector Fitting for use on 20 Litre Aljac assemblies.

6007263217: Capsule Catcher for use on 20 Litre Aljac assemblies.

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