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3” Mechanical Flow Meter  

The “F” range of oval gear fuel and oil meters from Macnaught are a family of positive displacement oval gear flowmeters that are optimized for fuel and oil measurement applications.

Macnaught Fuel and Oil meters are constructed utilizing a robust cast aluminium body suitable for use in the harshest environments. Our bearing-less PTFE/PPS rotors provide exceptionally low pressure drop and can even be used in gravity fed applications.

This unique rotor design ensures minimal wear resulting in many years of reliable service. This approach has proven over time to provide consistently accurate flow measurement that is not affected by variations in temperature, viscosity, or pressure.

Another benefit of our unique rotor design is simplicity of repair. With only 2 moving parts, our meters are simple to repair, require minimal repair parts stock, and can even be repaired inline, resulting in less downtime.

Oval Gear flowmeters are ideally suited to applications requiring accurate dispense quantities. Measurement of very low flow rates, pulsating flow, small batch sizes, viscous products, and non-conductive liquids are all ideal uses for oval gear meters.

Because these meters don’t require flow conditioning, no straight piping runs are required, so they can be used in installations where space is limited without effecting performance.

With 12 mechanical and digital display options to choose from, Macnaught flowmeters are the perfect choice with outputs and displays to suit virtually any application requirement.


  • Service and Fueling Trucks
  • Fuel Depots
  • Portable Fueling Systems
  • Bio-Diesel Blending and Production
  • Lubricant Blending and Dispensing
  • Hydraulic Fluid Dispensing and test stands
  • Boiler and generator fuel consumption
  • Fuel consumption for mining, construction, and military vehicles
  • Bitumen/ Asphalt production

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