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Diesel Locomotive Nozzle

Setting the fueling standard in the rail industry for over 40 years.

The Snyder 1720-DS nozzle combines high flow rates with an automatic shutoff feature, allowing efficient fueling with minimum need for operator control.

The 1720-DS nozzle is designed for flow rates between 100-380 GPM. To ensure automatic shutoff at lower flow rates (20-100 GPM), Snyder recommends the 17LF fuel nozzle.

Example: Nozzle shown is 1720-30M2.5RN (standard nozzle, 2-1/2″ inlet at 30 degree angle, Kamlock, wheel ring style)









The Snyder II Automatic Fueling System works on a vacuum principle. The system consists of a Snyder 1720-DS Automatic Nozzle and N2000-TA Fuel Tank Adapter Vent Assembly (D and E).

When the automatic nozzle lever (A) is opened, diesel fuel flows through the nozzle and across an internal venturi (C) where a vacuum is created. Diesel fuel flowing into the fuel tank fill adapter (E) draws air from the locomotive fuel tank through the vent line (D) and into the tank adapter (E). Air is then circulated through the internal vacuum tube of the nozzle spout reaching the venturi (C) to satisfy the vacuum, thereby keeping the nozzle open.

As the level of diesel fuel rises in the fuel tank, it will cover the tip (G) of the fuel tank vent line stopping the entry of air into the tank adapter (E). With the absence of air to satisfy the vacuum at the venturi (C), the vacuum activates the automatic shut-off mechanism (H) which releases the operating lever (A) and closes the nozzle.


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